Thermal Imagery

FLIR manufacture state of the art Thermal and Infrared imaging equipment suited to many applications in Industry, Maritime, Security, and Private use. For over 30 years FLIR has lead the market in Infrared Video cameras, Thermal imaging cameras, and other infrared security cameras.

Thermography has revolutionised preventative and predictive maintenance in many industries. This technology allows maintenance staff to conduct noncontact inspections to accurately, quickly, and from a safe distance establish the operational conditions of plant, machinery, and services such as electrical, refrigeration and air conditioning systems while the systems are operating.


Worldwide, Power Generators, Railways, and other Utilities use infrared to identify hot spots in electrical systems and potential problems before failures occur.

Mining, Oil and Gas, Resources

Detecting heating that leads to Spontaneous Combustion in a Coal Stockpile, detecting oil on water, or detecting gas leaks at a refinery are all very dangerous situations which can threaten lives and the environment. Infrared thermal Imagery can help in each of these events.


Preventative and predictive maintenance inspections on machines, conveyors, and bearings can reduce the likelihood of costly failures resulting in plant downtime.

Service Companies

The cost of operating inefficient or faulty air conditioning systems can very quickly add up. Thermography has proven to be a reliable and effective method of detecting air leaks and building problems.

Electrical Contractors

Failure or heating of electrical contacts and cables can easily and rapidly be detected with a Thermal Camera.

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