Mass Warning Siren Systems


  • Natural Disaster Warning - Bushfire, Flood, Cyclone, Earthquake, and Tsunamis
  • Public Safety, Community and Campus Warning
  • Mine Blast Warning, Industrial Site and Nuclear Facility Evacuation,
  • Site Security

Early warning for an immediate threat or impending catastrophic event can mean the difference between successful escape or entrapment for people in hazardous environments or disaster prone areas. Similarly, companies, utilities, and government agencies may need to notify staff and general public about operational events in open areas on a per event basis such as emergency drills or regularly scheduled events such as mine blasting.

The two main types of Mass Warning Sirens are:

  • Electromechanical – typically Cyclone Sirens
  • Electronic – High Powered Speaker Arrays (HSPA’s)

Mass Warning Sirens are often referred to as: Community Warning Sirens Systems, Large Area Warning Systems, Outdoor Warning Sirens, Base Audible Alert Systems, and of course Mass Warning Siren Systems. These names, rightly or wrongly, are all used interchangeably and they all refer to the same type of system with the only distinction being whether they are Electromechanical or Electronic devices. Electromechanical Sirens are only capable of generating a limited range of audible tones, whilst Electronic Sirens are capable of both tone and voice messages.

Mass Warning Sirens save lives, save time, and save money.

The applications for Mass Warning Sirens are wide and varied: