We understand what it is like being on a remote site and needing extra resources to get the job done, or simply wanting someone to supply systems that work like they said it would.

The CommsGlobal team have been involved in the mining industry for over 15 years. We have hands on experience in many communications systems and technologies in Underground and Surface mining, in Coal and Metalliferous, from Leaky Feeder Radio to WiFi Mesh, to Microwave Links, and everything in between.

Our Services are designed to help you. We recognise that you and your site personnel are more than capable of completing projects, but simply do not have the time. Projects are our forte, with our people having supplied services from design for Feasibility Studies through to Turn Key Project Management and Commissioning.

CommsGlobal have products and services for most areas of a mine, for example:

  • Voice and Data Communications
  • Despatch, Control, and Tracking
  • Communications Infrastructure – Fixed, Mobile, Portable, and Transportable
  • Production Thermal and Video Monitoring
  • Site Security
  • Accommodation Camp Communications
  • Entertainment Systems


Our Mining Sector Products

  • Intrinsically Safe Devices                                                                          
  • Two Way Radio                                                                                           
    • VHF/UHF Radio - Digital and Analogue                              
    • Mobiles, Hand Portables, and Repeater Systems              
    • Leaky Feeder Systems                                                            
  • WiFi                                                                                                               
    • WiFi Mesh                             
    • RFID Tracking and Tagging                                                   
  • WiMAX                                                                                                          
  • Microwave PTP Links                                                                                
  • Satellite Receivers
  • FM Rebroadcast                                                                                          
  • Towers                                                                                                          
    • Lattice                                     
    • Guyed                                    
    • Monopole
      • Steel
      • Concrete
  • Communications Huts, Cabins, Enclosures, and Skids/Pods                       
  • Communications Trailers                                                                          
    • Two Way Repeater VHF/UHF                                                
    • Mobile Lattice Tower Trailers                                                  
    • Thermal Imagery Trailers    
    • Mass Warning Siren Trailers                                                  
    • Cell on Wheels (CoW)        
  • Networks                                                                                                      
    •  Telemetry and SCADA       
  • Fibre Optics                                                                                                  
    • Direct Burial of Fibre           
    • Cable                                      
  • Blast Warning and Evacuation Siren Systems                                                 
  • Camera Equipment                                                                                    
    • Thermal Imagery Cameras
    • CCTV                                     
  • Solar and Alternative Energy                                                                   
  • Accessories                                                                                                 
    • Antennas and Antenna Systems                                          
    • AirStream Helmets              
    • Batteries and Charging Systems                                           
    • Headsets


Our Mining Sector Services

CommsGlobal offers a complete package of services from Prefeasibility Study Consultation and Design, all the way through to Turn Key Project Management. If you require specialist equipment, we can even assist you to source that equipment or in some cases work with manufacturers to build to your specifications.

  • Consulting and Design
  • Project Management
  • Project Assistance
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • RF Signal Surveys and Site Audits
  • Frequency Licensing
  • Repair and Upgrade
  • Labour Hire
  • Product Search and Sourcing