Emergency Services

Emergency Services Organisations (ESOs) depend on reliable communications to control and co-ordinate operations during emergency and disaster incidents. Although each incident is unique, much of the operational activities and requirements are predictable. Rapid deployment of seamless communications is key to meeting the ESOs operational requirements.

From Despatch Operator Consoles to Mass Warning Siren System, from fixed Microwave links to Mobile Tower Trailers, from Thermal Imagery to Emergency Wireless Notification Systems, CommsGlobal are here to support you. We can supply systems that are supporting ESOs worldwide, and our team have over 20 years of hands on experience with communications systems so you know that you will get the right advice from CommsGlobal.

CommsGlobal can supply products and services that are supporting ESOs worldwide, for example:

  • Mass Warning Siren Systems
  • Wireless Emergency Notification Systems
  • Voice and Data Communications
  • Despatch, Control, and Tracking
  • Communications Infrastructure – Fixed, Mobile, Portable, and Transportable
  • Mobile Incident Command Centres
  • Production Thermal and Video Monitoring


Our Emergency Services Sector Products

  • Mass Warning Siren Systems
  • Wireless Emergency Notification Systems
  • Two Way Radio                                                                                                
    • VHF/UHF Radio - Digital and Analogue                              
    • Mobiles, Hand Portables, and Repeater Systems              
  • Microwave PTP Links                                                                                
  • Satellite Receivers
  • Communications Huts, Cabins, Enclosures, and Skids/Pods                       
  • Communications Trailers                                         
    • Two Way Repeater VHF/UHF                                                
    • Mobile Lattice Tower Trailers                                                  
    • Thermal Imagery Trailers    
    • Mass Warning Siren Trailers                                                  
    • Cell on Wheels (CoW)        
  • Thermal Imagery Cameras                  
  • Towers                                                             
    • Lattice                                     
    • Guyed                                    
    • Monopole
      • Steel
      • Concrete
  • WiFi                                                            
    • WiFi Mesh                             
    • RFID Tracking and Tagging                                                   
  • WiMAX                                                                                                          


Services we offer ESOs

CommsGlobal offers a complete package of services from Prefeasibility Study Consultation and Design, all the way through to Turn Key Project Management.

  • Consulting and Design
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • RF Signal Surveys and Site Audits
  • Frequency Licensing
  • Repair and Upgrade
  • Labour Hire
  • Product Search and Sourcing