Universal RTU

The Universal Remote Terminal Unit (U-RTU™) is a powerful and innovative controller designed for activation (control), and monitoring (data acquisition) or local data processing.

The U-RTU can provide practical and economical solutions for a wide range of uses from a single siren control to large scale state-wide systems.


  • The U-RTU™ siren controller is designed to provide flexibility, offering digital FSK, DTMR and TTS tone and data decode compatibility, long with radio bandwidth versatility.
  • The unit can be locally controlled from the convenient push-button front panel, or optionally with hardwired remote switches via the external activation kit.
  • The U-RTU has an on-board computer for siren activation and monitoring of siren operation and fault conditions in Two-Way Control and Status systems.
  • The optional 8-channel analogue card allows monitoring of sensor equipment such as weather stations (temperature, wind speed, direction, humidity, etc.), flood level sensors, radiation ring monitoring systems, and others with true values displayed on the CompuLertTM software system.
  • Combine our standard U-RTU™ with our CompuLert™ and CSC-960 central encoder for any electromechanical or electronic voice siren.