E Class

E-Class Siren

American Signal Corporation's E-Class Siren is a High Powered Speaker Array (HSPA) that is fully configurable from a directional 900 to fully omnidirectional 3600 sound propagation patterns. The E-Class sirens are battery operated electronic outdoor warning devices that are capable of multiple warning signals and high-powered voice communications. These units can be triggered locally and/or remotely via SMS, radio, DTMF telephone, or satellite.

Each 400 Watt speaker array is directly interfaced to a 400 Watt power amplifier for clear siren tone and voice communication. Siren output ranges from 121dB for the EC1 through to 128dB for the EC-12 model.

Configurations include omni-directional or quadrants for 900-3600 coverage patterns. The spun aluminium re-entrant siren horns are able to endure severe weather conditions, are maintenance free and will not rust or require painting. The Electronic Controls have a self-contained, regulated battery charging system that assures full siren operation during AC outages.

Evacuation sirens provide the best form of public warning, potentially reaching the most personnel in danger - not everybody on-site has access to radio, phone or in-building Public Address to warn them of the danger.

Applications for these sirens include:

  • Emergency Services
  • Community Warning – Bushfire, Flood, Cyclone, Earthquake, Tsunami
  • Civil Defence
  • Nuclear and chemical accident warning
  • Military Bases for Personnel Alert Systems
  • Bugle Call Systems
  • Airfield/Crash or Attack Warning
  • Industrial Employee Evacuation Systems
  • Weather warning
  • Golf Courses Lightning/Storm Warning and Announcements
  • Amusement Parks



  • 10 Standard tones: Alert, Attack, Fire, Hazard, Hi-Lo, Scream, Wail, Air Horn, Chime, and a silent test tone.
  • 6 Custom tones.








Air Horn


Silent Test

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