CompuLert SCADA Command and Control


CompuLertTM SCADA Command and Control


CompuLertTM is the industry leader in remote monitoring and activation of Warning Sirens and Remote Terminal Units, and it remains the digital wireless telemetry system of choice with customers who are serious about public and employee safety. 


  • Proven reliability with over 17 years of field performance
  • Easy to use GUI operator interface
  • Customised and interactive colour coded maps
  • Compatible with any siren equipment


Whether you would like to have better visibility of your system readiness and preparedness at all times before an incident, ease of use in times of emergency, or reporting and auditing of the system activation after an incident has occurred, then you need CompuLertTM.


The CompuLertTM system has been used reliably since 1982 in applications such as Community, Campus, Industrial, Military, and Nuclear safety. Because it is a Supervisory Control and Acquisition of Data system (SCADA) it has been successfully and extensively deployed to monitor and activate sirens, EAS system components, public safety communications systems along with a number of other industrial SCADA telemetry devices.

Each CompuLertTM Telemetry System consists of:

  • CompuLertTM Windows® 95/98/2000/NT/XP/07 compatible software
  • CSC-960″ encoder, and ASC’s digital universal siren controllers.

Features, Advantages, and Benefits

Individual addresses: CompuLertTM can easily energise up to 3,375 individually addressable digital universal controllers, tone-alert radios, weather stations, or a combination of them which is ideal for system integrators looking to activate a number of warning methods simultaneously.

Programmable Groups: Choose from 1 to 99 programmable groups, or an individual siren when specific area notification is required.

Scheduled Testing: Programmable pre-scheduled testing and polling can be easily accomplished to ensure that your systems are always operating at optimum levels - you select the number of times per month you wish to run tests.

Interactive Maps: Select from up to 9 interactive maps, ranging from county/state wide to individual community map views - perfect for large integrated systems where a number of dispatchers activate sirens for their own groups.

Warning Tones and Messages: Multiple tone signals, live PA., and pre-recorded messages are easily activated from the CompuLertTM control equipment, enhancing the performance of any electromechanical or electronic siren system.